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Aluminum profiles CNC finishing also called CNC machine tools, is a method of placing aluminum profiles on processing cores, aluminum profile processing core is a CNC lathe, also called CNC machine tools. It is a key to milling the dominant aluminum profile deep processing machine.

The characteristics of the processing of aluminum profiles on the processing of the processing are: after processing aluminum profiles, after a film, CNC lathe control machining center is fully automatically selected and disassembled by different processes. Blade; automatic change machine spindle transmission ratio, cutting amount, and digital control blade relative to the workpiece and other effects, continuously carrying out the surface of the workpiece, holes, milling, extraction threads, drilling Multiple process processing. Aluminum profiles CNC machining is centrally capable of centrally, automatically carry out various processes, avoiding the operation of artificial elements, reducing the adjustment time of workpiece clamp, precision measurement and machining center and workpieces turnover funds, transportation And save time, further Custom Aluminium Fabrication improved processing efficiency and processing accuracy, therefore has good economic benefits. The position of the machining core according to the machine spindle bearing in the indoor space can be divided into a column processing core and vertical processing core. Aluminum profiles CNC processes are small, which are long, and therefore dominated by column processing core. The strength of the aluminum alloy profile is slightly lower than other metal materials, so the aluminum profiles are relatively low, and more difficult coefficients are relatively difficult, and more complex processing processes can be processed. Aluminum profile CNC processing manufacturer

There are two ways of incoming test report processing and project outsourcing, and the processing fee is required to be deducted by the processing fee. Logistics costs, and Hongfa colored sector has aluminum profile pressing machine equipment, surface treatment equipment, deep processing machinery equipment, from aluminum ingots to aluminum alloy profiles, a processing plant can easily take it, save a lot inconvenient.

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